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Astro Extra Credit Preston Straight Astro 1010 4/21/07 For extra credit I attended a lecture about the possibility of a black hole at the center of our galaxy. The Milky Way’s center is roughly 100 times closer than any other center that we can measure. How can our center be that close and dense? Is it really a black hole? This is how her experiment began. We know that there is a dark mass at the center, but we still do not know exactly what it is. Even though most of the material was over my head, it was quite interesting. Since I am deciding on majoring in astronomy, I wanted to see what more advanced topics were like. Things in space are so interesting to me now. One proof of a possible black hole is that stars speed up to extremely fast speeds
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Unformatted text preview: when they approach the center of our galaxy. One star was found to be going 4,000 km/s. Now that is ridiculously fast. The woman who was giving the lecture has spent her lifes work on trying to discover what is at the center of the galaxy. It doesnt sound like it would be that tough to find out what it is but how can you see something that you can not see with any human means. She is using stars near the center of the galaxy and plotting their movements. After 5 years of charting the stars, she is finally able to get data to help her get closer to the answer. She has ruled out that the center is a fermion ball; still dont know what that is. She has also ruled out a cluster of dark objects....
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