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Weather and Atmosphere HW #1 Preston Straight 1/22/08 1. A.) Anthropogenic greenhouse gases are greenhouse gases, which are gases that warm a planet’s surface by absorbing outgoing infrared radiation and reradiating some of it back toward the surface. Anthropogenic greenhouse gases are gases that are human induced CO2 emissions from cars and factories. 1.B.) Three such anthropogenic greenhouse gases are CO2, carbon dioxide. N2O, Nitro dioxide. And CH4, methane. All of these gases are on the rise in our atmosphere today. 2.) The four fundamental components of the earth’s system are atmosphere, biota, hydrosphere and solid Earth. 3.) Greenhouse gases are gases such as CO2 and CH4, which absorb and reradiate infrared heat back to the earth to heat the earth. Without these gases our Earth’s average temperature would be 50* lower and Earth could not sustain life. Global warming is the increase of greenhouse gases, which is slowly heating up our atmosphere and causing problems on a global scale like the melting of our polar ice caps. 4. A.) From the 1800’s CO2 concentration in our atmosphere has increased from 280
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