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Research Paper Outline

Research Paper Outline - occurs which is when matter from...

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Research Paper Outline Preston Straight ASTR 2030 3/13/08 Topic: Structure and evolution of binary star systems Intro: It is believed that 30 to 50% of all stars are part of a binary system. Binary star systems consist of two or more stars in gravitational attraction causing them to orbit each other around their center of mass. Body Paragraphs: 1.) Formation Thought before that binaries were created through gravitational capture. Observation of pre main sequence stars in binary proved this idea wrong Fragmation of the molecular cloud during formation of the protostars explains the formation of the binary and multiple star systems. 2.) Classifications Visual Binaries Spectroscopic Binaries Eclipsing Binaries Astrometric Binaries 3.) Mass transfer and accretion When one stare exceeds its Roche lobe a process known as Roche Lobe overflow
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Unformatted text preview: occurs, which is when matter from one star will transfer to the other. • Could explain black holes • If the star that is taking in the matter is a white dwarf, it could cause it to exceed the Chandrasekhar limit and trigger a supernova. • Neutron star binaries can actually gravitationally pull each other together causing a massive explosion. Conclusion: Studying binary star systems can help explain a lot of things that occur in the formation, life and death of stars. They can also give insight to the distances of galaxies and stars in our own galaxy. Hopefully one day the study of these systems could even help us solve the questions we have about black holes and the evolution of them....
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