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Feb. 8th Notes - th century Pope Leo X Humanist(Medici...

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Julius II Secular and religious leader Wanted to use art/architecture to embellish the church Met with the high renaissance artists Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel Michelangelo commanded to design project for his tomb Statues He wanted his tomb in the apse of St. Peter’s The old proposal too small for the scale of tomb Whole new church Commands the unthinkable Destroys the most sacred building of Catholicism Bramante chosen as architect for St. Peter’s Starts the design, but later greatly modified His plan: Crossing Complicated piers Central planned church Enormous dome, towers Greek cross Built out of masonry, but in the forms of concrete forms found in Roman ruin Dome supported by tiny piers (not sufficient) Landmark circular dome Peristyle around drum Single shell construction (Pantheon) Buttress rings Lantern Towers (Medieval) One in each corner Also serves as landmark “Pantheon on top of the Basilica of Constantine” This is a building site through the 16
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Unformatted text preview: th century Pope Leo X Humanist (Medici family) Indulgences Popes pushed sales An offering that allows you less time in purgatory Martin Luther 95 complaints about Roman Church nailed to church door Denouncing of Indulgences Against the enormous cost of building St. Peter’s Began the Protestant Reformation No longer is Catholicism the one and only dominant religion in Western Europe Catholic Church tries to reform itself End of the High Renaissance – Sack of Rome , 1527 Charles V – Spanish King, Holy Roman Emperor, Habsburgs Holy Roman Empire – Germanic Pope sided with French Empire’s enemy 16 th century Sebastian Serlio Bologna – Rome – Venice – France Series of Books: Five Books on Architecture Pictures, How-to, Mass Produced Now anyone could see the buildings in Rome Plan/Section/Elevation Tempietto put in with the ruins Definition in orders...
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Feb. 8th Notes - th century Pope Leo X Humanist(Medici...

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