Notes March 7 - Egyptian Civilizations Instruction of...

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Egyptian Civilizations March 7, 2008 Instruction of Amenhemhet to Senworsret Sinuhe Swashbuckler, epic hero tale – set up as an autobiographical inscription, but never put in stone (only in papyrus) Takes place in reign of Amenemhet I and partially in that of Senworsret I, in the Levant Libyans ( not from Libya, but who it was later named for) and the Egyptians were always at war/odds; semi-nomadic type, dependent on the Nile Delta, in symbiosis with the Pharaohs (but taken advantage of, abused) Sinuhe is on the military campaign with Senmoseret I, but not a military personal but more of a servant Amenemhet I was assassinated ( true ) Sinuhe is terrified – overheard the news that Amenemhet was killed; worried that Egypt would be thrown back into the anarchy of the First Intermediate period (civil war); flees – takes off for Memphis, changes path and ends up near Byblos in the Levant, living there for 25 years, greatly missing his homeland in Egypt (marries a great chief’s daughter) Lifestyle in the Levant: Early Bronze Age (Levant) = Old Kingdom (Egypt) Prosperous community, international trade, large cities, etc. Intermediate Bronze Age (Levant) = First Intermediate Period (Egypt) No cities, semi-nomadic pastoralists, etc. Middle Bronze Age (Levant) = Middle Kingdom (Egypt) Sinuhe takes place between the Intermediate & Middle Bronze Ages – Levant hasn’t fully recovered from the depression caused by Egypt’s First Intermediate Period
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Notes March 7 - Egyptian Civilizations Instruction of...

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