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Feb 6 Narmer No evidence he was the first pharaoh, but what Manetho wrote was based on the King List and various other such sacred (and secular) documents (no evidence against it, either) Naqada II Stone Bowl – temporary, exquisite art, lasting only into the first few dynasties Demonstration of great technological skill of craft specialization Naqada Cemetary “T” Lapis Lazuli – blue stone found only in Afghanistan used prominently in elite Egyptian jewelry (4000 miles between the two nations); demonstration of extensive trade routes even this early
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Unformatted text preview: Cosmetic Palettes become more intricate from Naqada I (plain rectangle); now carved into animal shapes with designs/patterns/pictures carved into them Male-ization of deities as moving closer to 1 st dynast Hathor = exception; one form is the cow, female goddess Horus = god of kinship on earth Isis = goddess of the throne (Is = throne) Printed textiles emerge Hierokonpolis Tomb 100 oldest excavated tomb, now lost Proto-king demonstration of Pharaohs control over labor and trade...
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