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syriana fina - Syriana Has Lots of Corruption and that's...

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Syriana Has Lots of Corruption and that’s Really Bad for America and the World and Such Currently Americans burn 840 million gallons of oil every day, around 65% of which must be imported from other countries (Oil45 1). Clearly the United States is dependent on foreign oil. The effects of America’s petroleum addiction are difficult to overestimate, as oil production and use greatly influences the economic, geopolitical, and environmental systems of the world. Stephen Gaghan’s film Syriana provides a stark portrayal of the efforts taken by both government officials and private businessmen in order to provide the cheapest oil possible to the American consumer. Many of the characters in the movie believe that the immoral acts they commit in the name of cheap oil are in fact ethically sound due to the nature of American oil dependence. However, oil dependence is not itself a moral issue, and thus has no effect on the morality of the situation. Those who claim that actions taken in the name of sustaining their current way of life are subject to a unique moral scale are misguided and dangerously confuse morality with expediency. American oil dependence has disastrous effects, both within America and throughout the world, and the actions of the American government in Syriana are thus morally reprehensible because they perpetuate a terrible cycle of global poverty, destruction, and revenge. Most obviously, the actions taken by the CIA to secure American oil interests are immoral, regardless of the nation’s petroleum dependence. The CIA makes multiple Follick 2 attempts to assassinate Prince Nasir simply because he seeks liberal reform for his country. Prince Nasir hopes to use revenues from selling oil to strengthen the viability of
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his country’s government and economy, but claims that his father bows to pressure from the American government to provide exclusive access to cheap oil rather than selling it on the open market. America effectively intimidates the royal family with its significant
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syriana fina - Syriana Has Lots of Corruption and that's...

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