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Written Assignment Please refer to theWeaver Corporation financial statementsfor the following assignment. These are the same financial statements used for Written Assignment – Unit 1. Calculate the following financial turnover measurements for year 20X3: (1) Inventory turnover, and (2) Accounts receivable turnover. Assume that: (1) Revenue consists entirely of net credit sales, (2) Inventory balance at the end of year 20X3 represents average inventory, and (3) Accounts receivable balance at the end of year 20X3 represents average accounts receivable. Calculate turnover measurements in number of turns as well as number of days.
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Unformatted text preview:34 days. (2) Accounts receivable turnover = Net Annual Credit Sales/Accounts Receivable = 1,685,000 / 350,000 = 4,81 turns Average days to receive accounts receivable = 365 days /Accounts receivable turnover ratio = 365 / 4,81 = 76 days. Answer: Inventory turnover (turns): Cost of goods sold divided by average inventory balance 980,000/90,000 = 10.88 turns Inventory turnover (days): 365 divided by number of inventory turns 365/10.88 = 33.54 (33 days or 34 days, either answer is correct) Accounts receivable turnover (turns): Net credit sales divided by average accounts receivable balance 1,685,000/350,000 = 4.81 turns Running head: Leadership Development & Personal Effectiveness 1 Accounts receivable turnover (days): 365 divided by number of accounts receivable turns 365/4.81 = 75.88 (75 days or 76 days, either answer is correct)