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1 BUSI 1002R Management Accounting Winter 2019 COURSE OUTLINE Instructor Jacques Maurice, FCPA, FCA, FCMA Office DT 923 E-mail [email protected] Class Time and Location N/A - OnLine Office Hours By appointment. Send me an e-mail if you need to meet and we can set up a suitable time. Course description This course examines how accounting information is used within organizations to plan, monitor and control. Managers in all functional areas, whether they like it or not, will have to deal with the management accounting system of the organization they work for. Better the devil that you know than the devil you don’t know. The purpose of this course is therefore to ensure you have a basic understanding of how such systems operate, the language it uses, and its limitations. Successful completion of this course will also give you a solid foundation for additional study and careers in business. Calendar Description An introduction to the use of accounting data for the purposes of planning and control of operations. Precludes additional credit for BUSI 1003 and BUSI 1005.
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2 Prerequisites Second-year standing and BUSI 1001 (grade of D- or better) or permission of the Sprott School of Business. This course is a prerequisite to: 1. BUSI 2001 (with a grade of C or higher) 2. BUSI 2505 (with a grade of C or higher) 3. BUSI 3008 (with a grade of C- or higher) Required Course Materials Textbook: An Introduction to Management Accounting , 2nd Edition, Maurice, 2019 Available at Haven Books (Sunnyside and Seneca) If you are taking this course by distance and need to have Haven Books send you a copy of the book, you can order it on-line at havenbooks.ca Financial Calculator: One of the following calculators: Texas Instruments BAII- Plus (including Pro model) Hewlett-Packard 10BII Business Calculator Staples Financial Calculator Note that the financial calculator will only be used for one chapter (ch 12). If you do not wish to purchase a financial calculator, then you will be able to do the calculations using formulas (these will be provided). If you are planning on taking future business courses, you should consider purchasing a financial calculator. If you choose to not acquire a financial calculator, any calculator will do as long as it is not programmable . You cannot use the calculator functions of your cel. phone on exams.
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