Determination of Chemical Formula

Determination of Chemical Formula - Empirical Formula = CuO...

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Date Performed: 9/24/04 Name: Ronald Lampkins Date Submitted: 10/1/04 Partner: Jenny Carlton Instructor: Mr. Lee DETERMINATION OF A CHEMICAL FORMULA Objective: To determine the percentage composition and simplest formula for an oxide of copper by its reduction with methane gas (CH4) at approximately 500 C. Experimental Data: Weight of Large Test Tube (Empty): 17.64 g Weight of Large Test Tube with CuO: 19.92g Weight of CuO: 2.28g Weight of Test Tube after heating: 19.45g Weight of contents after heating: 1.81g Change in Mass of contents after heating: 2.28g – 1.81g = 0.47g Sample Calculations : Percent Mass: % Oxygen: 0.47g/2.28g = 0.21 x 100% = 21% % Copper: (2.28- 0.47 = 1.81) / 2.28 = 0.79 x 100% = 79% Formula of Oxide of Copper: 0.47g O / 16.00g O = 0.03 mol O 1.81g Cu / 63.55g Cu = 0.03 mol Cu 0.03 mol O / 0.03 = 1 mol O 0.03 mol Cu / 003 = 1 mol Cu
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Unformatted text preview: Empirical Formula = CuO Sample Questions: a. Reducing agent = An oxidized ion that loses electrons in a chemical reaction. b. Smelting = The chemical reduction of an oxide c. Reduction = Occurs when an ion gains electrons during a reaction. d. Percentage Composition = The amount of an ion present in a compound. e. Empirical Formula = The smallest whole number coefficients for a compound. Results and Conclusions: With the moles of each sample being exactly equal in the calculations above, the ratio of moles of oxygen to moles of copper was 1:1 and therefore the empirical formula is CuO. Since the numbers are exactly equal, there are no sources of error and the the only uncertainty would come from the measuring the original mass of copper on the scale to the nearest hundredth....
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Determination of Chemical Formula - Empirical Formula = CuO...

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