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COM225 Chapter 9 Chapter 9: Goal Competence 11/5/07 Who was Ashley Smith and how is her story related to goal competence? o Goal competence = social influence o How we get others to agree with our position 3 types of influence behaviors 1. Simple directives = request to do something 2. Compliance seeking behaviors = hinting, promising 3. More overt persuasion attempts = authors say these are more heavy handed attempts Does culture play any role influence behaviors? o Yes o Persuadables = topics open to persuasion vary in different cultures What 2 kinds of face are defined in this chapter? 1. Positive face 2. Negative face o Positive face = need to be liked and appreciated o Negative face = need to be free to make your own decisions How are influence attempts related to face needs? o Influence attempts can be threatening to others because implies other is lacking in some way What is psychological reactance? o Receiver responds defensively and becomes resistant Symbolic role taking = take on role of another to predict or anticipate how they will react Chapter discusses how 1. Learning, 1
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COM225 Chapter 9 2. Consistency, and 3. Values theories Aristotle was one of the first people to study C REDIBILITY = why you believe some people and NOT others Credibility based on: 1. Personal attractiveness 2. Command of language 3. Apparent knowledge 4. Role identity 5. Competence 6. Dynamism 7. Trust BIG 3 o o o Trust = do people believe you? 3 kinds of goals in persuasion
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CH9NOTES - COM225 Chapter 9 Chapter 9: Goal Competence...

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