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CH12NOTES2 - COM225/3/07 Features of"therapeutic or helpful...

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COM225 Chapter 12 12/3/07 Features of “therapeutic” or helpful communication 1. Warmth 2. Genuineness 3. Uses accurate empathy (Try to understand the feelings of the customer/client) o Ex: attorney and his/her client; doctor & sick patient o what skills are essential in therapeutic encounters 1. finding the problem 2. giving counsel 3. encouraging compliance 4. educating customer/client o Boundary spanning = interacting with people who are outside of you organization Ex: Sales reps., Delivery people, Bank tellers, Secretaries, Police officers Is it a good idea to date someone at work? o Authors say most companies have strict policies about office romances & will fire one or both of the parties if the relationship becomes “disruptive.” o Employees generally believe office romances are okay 1. Suggests a disparity between the policy and activity 2. As long as not “caught” 3. Or create disruption OK What does “I’m sorry” mean for women o It usually is an expression of empathy rather than an apology o I’m sorry for YOU not for anything I did Women appear to 1. Apologize more than men 1
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COM225 Chapter 12 2. Use more compliments in their interactions with others 3. Give more praise when they are in supervisory roles 4. Are often reluctant to criticize poor performance 5. Discuss problems more than men What is the most critical element that makes someone a leader? 1. Followers- a leader is nothing w/out them o Leadership is a product of the Leader-Follower Exchange rather than a trait that a leader possesses o While some people are more or less charismatic, leadership is a perception held by
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