Notes2-26 - 2/26/2008 COM240 .Socialization &...

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2/26/2008 COM240 I. A. LMX Theory Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) Theory Theory is focused on dyadic relationship between superior/subordinate Work is accomplished through roles 3 phases of role development 1. Role taking 2. Role making 3. Role routinization II. Organizational Exit Not a lot of research in this area A process; not an event Impact on families: emotional as well as financial Communication in the disengagement process III. What is a Group? 3 or more people who: o Interact overtime o Become interdependent o Develop unique patterns of behavior o Achieve a collective identity B. What is the ideal size for a group? 2 general categories of small group o Intimate groups (primary) o Task-oriented groups (secondary) 1
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2/26/2008 COM240 C. What is a Team? Small number of people with: o Complementary skills o Who are committed to a common purpose, set of performance goals, and approach
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Notes2-26 - 2/26/2008 COM240 .Socialization &...

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