Exam 2 - ISS 220 Section 001 Fall 2007 Exam 2 Professor...

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ISS 220 Section 001 Fall 2007 Exam 2 Professor Robbins Instructions: Answer all of the questions. There is only one correct choice for each question. Use a for true and b for false. Matching: Select the correct choice 1.___Laetoli 2.___Taung baby. 3.___Dikika 4.___Gona River 5.___Olduvai Gorge 6. Dr Robbins described a “black hole in human origins research.” This referred to: a.The discovery made by Dart in the remote part of the cave where there was no natural light. b. The lack of agreement about which hominid was a true remote ancestor of humans. c.The lack of agreement about which hominid made the earliest stone tools. d. Deposits along the coast of Africa that are now under water because of the rise in sea levels. e.None of the above. 7. T/F A new hominid discovery recently announced in class has pushed the oldest dated hominids back to 12 million years ago. 8. Which of the following hominids (is) are older than the australopithecines? a. Homo habilis b. Sahelanthropus tchadensis c. Orrorin tugenensis d. Africanthropus faikensis e. b and c above 9. T/F According to lecture recent discoveries offer strong support for the theory that the spread of savannas led to the origin of habitual bipedal locomotion. 10. Why was the discovery of Lucy so important? a. Beatles found inside of the fossil indicated that she had died during the rainy season. b. Lucy was found with early stone tools near her hand and thus provided the identity of the oldest toolmakers. c. She was the most complete Australopithecus skeleton known; thus providing new insights about the skeleton of a single individual. d. She showed that Homo erectus was much larger than researchers had originally believed. e. Lucy attracted researchers to Lake Turkana because she was the first Homo habilis discovered there. 11. Which of the following is (are) correct regarding the work of the famous Leakey’s? a.
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Exam 2 - ISS 220 Section 001 Fall 2007 Exam 2 Professor...

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