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Spring 2008 Biological Molecules Notebook Summary Concept Applications Please include answers to the following questions in your Notebook Summary for the Biological Molecules Lab. You should answer the questions in complete sentences. 1. Does a negative Benedict’s result reveal that there are no sugars present? Explain. 2. Explain the importance of creating a standard curve based on known samples for the Bradford’s test. 3. In lab, you perform the Biuret’s assay on an unknown sample and observe a blue color.
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Unformatted text preview: You decide to perform the Bradfords assay and put it in a blanked spectrophotometer, then observe a reading of 0.03 A. Explain what your conclusion would be for this unknown sample after completing these two assays. 4. In general, how can you incorporate these tests into your own experimental design for your groups experiment? Give an example....
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