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Quiz_3_2008 - A An endergonic reaction with a G of 9.3...

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1. (2 pt) Consider the chemical reaction A + B ! C + D ! G = +4.7 kcal/mol This reaction will proceed spontaneously towards the formation of A. reactants (A+B) B. products (C+D) C. neither; the reaction is at equilibrium 2. (2 pt) A chemical reaction has a ! G of -8.5 kcal/mol. Which of the following could be coupled to this reaction?
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Unformatted text preview: A. An endergonic reaction with a ! G of +9.3 kcal/mol B. An endergonic reaction with a ! of +5.2 kcal/mol C. An exergonic reaction with a ! of +5.2 kcal/mol 3. (1 pt) Enzymes ___________ the free energy of a reaction. A. increase B. decrease C. do not change...
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