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Nate McKnight Chapter 3 Exercises Document for Analysis Although this message is an email and thus less formal than most business documents, this is not audience centered at all. This message has a lot of Americanized speech to it in which a Chinese businessman might have no idea how to interpret. This is a very friendly note but it is wrapped in way to much American slang to work. Revised: Welcome. I am honored to have your company here at our American branch. Let me be the first to welcome you here. I am looking forward to meeting you all in person. I know this move is drastic, but I hope to get you all accustomed to America as quickly as I can. 3.1 Intercultural Sensitivity: Recognizing Variations The Japanese culture is very centered on honor, specifically honoring each other. The
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Unformatted text preview: golden rule is a high authority to their way of life and they are a very humble culture. Although to an American this seems to conflict with the business world, in which one must cut throat or be killed himself. The Japanese representative did not like the deal and thus told me in the best way possible according to his culture. There is no more I can do in the first meeting. I overstepped my boundary and am just an arrogant American to him. I think the best idea now is to leave the meeting and send a formal apology to him and his company. In the letter I would ask for another meeting with more information in-hand and see how their company feels about it....
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