202D CH2 Q&A - Nate McKnight English 202D Dareneau...

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Nate McKnight – English 202D – Dareneau 1) What are committees? Formal teams that share responsibility and goals and often become permanent 2) What are some advantages of teams and committees? With more people come more knowledge of information More people = more views and ideas put into the general pool More encouragement and support More creativity and energy 3) What are some disadvantages of teams? When individuals conform they may lose ideas or the want to speak up A common view to get tasks done might reduce communication of ideas Some team members might have hidden agendas or private motives Some team members might end up not caring and be dead weight Making sure schedules work and individual parts are done costs time 4) What are group dynamics? The interactions made between members of the group with each other 5) What are the self-oriented roles in a team? Withdrawn – silence or refusal to participate Controlling – dominating superiority Attention seeking – demanding recognition
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202D CH2 Q&A - Nate McKnight English 202D Dareneau...

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