202D CH3 Q&A - 6) What is xenophobia? A fear of...

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Nate McKnight Chapter 3 Questions 1) What is intercultural communication? It is the process of sending information to other cultures keeping in mind that they may react differently to verbal or non verbal gestures. 2) How much material is exported every year from the U.S.? $700 billion worth 3) What are some advantages of a diverse workplace? Larger range of ideas More understanding of other markets Larger group of talent 4) What types of influence does culture play on communication? Language Nonverbal signals Word meaning Human relationships 5) What is cultural pluralism? Accepting other cultures as they are without want or need to change
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Unformatted text preview: 6) What is xenophobia? A fear of foreigners 7) How does one avoid stereotyping? Assume nothing Do not judge Acknowledge differences 8) What are high-context and low-context cultures and what is the difference? High-context cultures put more emphasis on nonverbal communication while low-context cultures are more based on verbal communication and not on cues. 9) What are some forms of nonverbal communication that may be different in other cultures? Greetings Touching Eye contact Posture 10) What is ethnocentrism? Judging others cultures based upon ones own cultural views...
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202D CH3 Q&A - 6) What is xenophobia? A fear of...

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