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202D CH17 Q&A - qualifications of a given person 7 What...

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Nate McKnight Chapter 17 Q&A 1) What do employers generally look for in job applicants? Works well in groups Diversified skills Leadership Varied work experience 2) What can make a possible employee more valuable to employers? Keep a portfolio of all jobs and school programs Temp jobs, freelance work, internships, volunteer work Polish and update skills and records 3) What are the six steps to the job search? Build toward career Prepare resume Understand interviews Prepare for the interview Participate actively in interview Follow up 4) What is the most preferred method of finding new employees? Look for someone already a part of the organization 5) What is the least preferred method? Wanted ads 6) What is a resume? A very structured written article summarizing education, previous employment, and job
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Unformatted text preview: qualifications of a given person 7) What are some good websites to place a resume on? Riley Guide Monster HotJobs CareerBuilder Dice.com 8) What are the three different resume forms and what does each contain? Chronological – work-experience is key Functional – emphasizes skills and capabilities Combination – a little bit of both above 9) What are the contents of a good resume? Name and contact info Summary of qualifications Education Work experience, skills learned Activities and achievements Personal data 10) What are some common problems to resumes? Too long/short Hard to read Not genuine Wordy...
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202D CH17 Q&A - qualifications of a given person 7 What...

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