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Nate McKnight I, Robot Questions 1) What type of doctor is Susan? A robopsychiatrist 2) How many ‘fingers’ did Dave have? 6 3) Who operated the interstellar space ship? The Brain 4) Who was the first robot? The Brain 5) For what company do Mike and Greg work? US Robot and Mechanical Men Corporation 6) How many laws of robotics are there and what is the most powerful? 3 – Law 1, a robot shall never harm a human being or by its inaction cause a human harm
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Unformatted text preview: 7) What was the name given to the robot with a modified first law? NS-10 8) What was the first robot encountered by Mike and Greg in the novel? Speedy 9) What planet are robots not allowed on? Earth 10) What is the rival company to US Robot? Consolidated Robots...
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