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IM Questions - He commits suicide after he finds out his...

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Nate McKnight English 191 – The Invisible Man Questions and Answers 1) Where does this novel take place? Iping, West Sussex, United Kingdom 2) What is the name of the Inn? The Coach and Horses 3) Who owns the inn? The Halls 4) Who ends up being the stranger’s assistant? Thomas Marvel 5) Who is Kemp? A doctor the stranger studied with 6) What happens to the stranger’s father?
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Unformatted text preview: He commits suicide after he finds out his son stole his money 7) What other names does the stranger go by? The Invisible Man, Griffin, the Voice, the Unseen 8) Where does Marvel run to? Burdock, West Sussex 9) What did Griffin study at the university? Optical density 10) Who is the Vicar? Reverend Bunting...
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