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Jekyll and Hyde Q and A

Jekyll and Hyde Q and A - 6 Who is Dr Jekyll’s friend who...

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Nate McKnight Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – Q&A 1. What is Jekyll’s full name? Dr. Henry Jekyll 2. What is Hyde’s full name? Mr. Edward Hyde 3. What is the name of Dr. Jekyll’s butler? Mr. Poole 4. Who is the first character to encounter Mr. Hyde? Mr. Enfield 5. What does Mr. Utterson first believe in the relationship between Jekyll and Hyde? He believes Mr. Hyde is blackmailing Dr. Jekyll for some unknown reason.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Who is Dr. Jekyll’s friend, who is also a doctor? Dr. Hastie Lanyon 7. What does Mr. Hyde do before he disappears? He kills Sir Danvers Carew. 8. Who is the main character of this novel? Utterson 9. Who is the first person to realize Jekyll and Hyde are the same? Dr. Lanyon 10. Where does this take place? London, England...
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