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BS111-Lecture 1 - Dr Steve Seibold Res Asst Professor...

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Unformatted text preview: Dr. Steve Seibold Res. Asst. Professor Chemistry Department Chemistry Building Room ? (help room 83-new annex) Contact: angel.msu.edu GTA: Jameel Al-Haddad Email: [email protected] Office hours: 4:00-6:00 Room 331b North Kedzie Review session: Wednesday 2-3 pm Course Information Course description: Chemistry/Biochemistry of the Cell and the basics of its structure/function Prerequisite: Chemistry! TextBook-- Life: The Science of Biology (eighth ed; Sadava et. al.,) Lecture Hours/place: Tues & Thurs E100 Vet Center at 10:20-11:40 pm Office hours: Friday 10:00-noon or by appointment. Exams: Midterm (Exams) will emphasize material not covered on previous exams, but all exams will be considered cumulative. Exams will be multiple choice and graded by computer scan. Grading: Grades will be based on the following: Three midterm exams worth 100% points each (60% of total). Lecture dates and times--see Angel course site. Final exam worth 150 points (30%; roughly half to two-thirds will emphasize the last part of the course. Note: The final is on 12/13/07 at 10:00-noon. Quizzes /iClickers given without announcement during lecture will be worth 10% (total of 50 points). Notice this IS NOT extra credit. Fixed Scale: 86-100=4.0; 80-85=3.5; 74-79=3.0; 68-73=2.5; 6267=2.0... IMPORTANT EXAM POLICIES You must present a Picture ID to hand in Exam. Academic Integrity The only item to bring to the exam is a No.2 pencil and an eraser. No Other Items--like cell phones, papers, lap tops or MP3 players!! No questions will be answered during the Exam. If you feel the question is confusing, YOU MUST SELCET AN ANSWER and then write on a piece of paper labeled with your name, student number and justify your answer ,clear indicated. Give the comments to one of the proctors at the END of the exam. They will present it to the professor. No Make up Quizzes. Make up exams are not normally given You MAY BE eligible for a waiver provided a) you have a valid reason for missing the exam (major illness in family, illness), and b) you notify the BioSci office (432-1316 ext 144) AND the lecture TGA BEFORE the exam and c) you provide the TGA with written documentation confirming the problem (e.g. Doctors's note etc.). If these procedures are not followed you will receive a zero for the exam. If a waiver is given, all the accumulative tests will be normalized to 500. ONLY ONE midterm waiver will be given. NO waivers for FINAL EXAM. According to MSU policy only if a) you have two exams that overlap or b) you have three regularly schedule exams on the same calendar day. Contact Instructor if this is does occur BEFORE the Final. Lectures Lecture attendance: up to you. After lecture, the PPT presentation will be posted on Angel. The Chemical Properties of Life chapter 2 Life is made up of matter Chemistry is the study of matter and how its properties change. These changes allow the transition from one structure to the next Particulate Microscopic Macroscopic The Atomic Theory = Carbon atom Oxygen = Magnesium Carbon atom Carbon atom Oxygen CO2 The Internal Structure Atom Atom= Cathode Ray exp gave negative charges, but the atom Is neutral so.. Negative charges - - - Dense positive charge spread over the region nucleus So, the Atom is mostly Space!! The Nuclear Atom Neutron Proton Electron The Helium Atom Neutral ! Atomic Number, Mass number, and Isotopes Mass # Atomic # A Z X element Atomic Number, Mass number, and Isotopes = Mass number In grams, amu No units of mass, Here it is 4 Atomic Number, Mass number, and Isotopes Nuclear Description of the Atom Quantum Description of the Atom Atomic Orbitals Atomic Shells Each Ring is a shell It is this electronic configuration that places the element in its proper position in the periodic chart and designates its Chemistry Main Features of Lecture one Get personal copy of syllabus on Angel All known substances=Matter Theory of Matter: Atomic Theory Nuclear Theory Quantum Theory Living Organism consist of six main elements Atomic Orbitals make up shells electronic configuration dictates position in periodic chart and its chemistry. ...
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