4 9 5 points which of the following compounds is the

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Unformatted text preview: of the following compounds is the most stable one? A B C D 10) (5 Points) Draw five constitutional isomers for cyclic compounds with the molecular formula of C6H12. 5 11) (12 Points) For the following reaction: Br2, H2O a. (3 pts.) Give the major organic product in the box provided above. b. (3 pts.) Draw the structure of the fastest formed (most stable) reaction intermediate for the above reaction. c. (6 pts.) Draw an energy diagram (reaction coordinate diagram) for the above reaction assuming an exothermic reaction. You must clearly indicate the position of reactants, products, transition state(s), change in Gibbs free energy, activation energy, and carbocation intermediate. 6 12. (33 pts.. 3 pts. Each) Fi...
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