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QUIZ 8 Prof. Carroll 11-08-2007 DO NOT MARK ON THIS QUIZ Gilbert 09: Class Consciousness and Class Conflict 1. _____ is a class in an active historical sense— aware of common interests and engage in militant action. a) class-in-itself b) class-for-itself c) class-by-itself d) class-of-itself 2. Marx saw the social conditions that led to progressive impoverishment of the proletariat relative to the rising productive capacity of the industrial economy and the wealth of the bourgeoisie as _____. a) concentration and communication b) deprivation c) economic insecurity d) alienation at work 3. After adding the category of _____ to the Fortune magazine 1940 survey of class consciousness, Richard Centers concluded from his surveys: “The authenticity of these class identifications seems unquestionable.” a) upper class b) middle class c) working class d) lower class 4. In Western Europe the parties that identify with the working class are called _____. a)
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