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QUIZ 9 Prof. Carroll 11-15-2007 DO NOT MARK ON THIS QUIZ Gilbert10: The Poor, the Underclass, and Public Policy 1. The term _____ is now being applied to people who have no access to conventional housing rather than the earlier meaning referring to people without fixed residences, who drifted from place to place a) vagabonds b) drifters c) homeless d) working poor 2. Government programs that provide direct relief, job relief, and national social insurance are referred to as _____ because all who meet the specified prerequisites receive the benefits and the government is committed to providing the necessary funding. a) pensions b) entitlements c) make-work programs d) job relief 3. When Mollie Orshansky designed a reliable official definition of poverty in the early 1960s, the poverty line was set at about _____ for a family of four. By this new standard _____ of American were poor in 1960. a)
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