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Quiz 10 11-20-2007 Prof. Carroll DO NOT MARK ON THIS SHEET Gilbert 11: The American Class Structure and Growing Inequality 1. The Gilbert’s class structure model makes its distinctions between classes on the basis of ______ of household income, rather than the _____ of income. a) amount / source b) source / amount c) stability / rate d) rate / stability e) none of the above 2. The ______ class is defined by dependence on income-producing wealth. a) middle b) working c) capitalist d) executive 3. [T/ F ] The lower two classes are large and diverse and are the target of political campaigns. 4. [ T /F] The onset of the Age of Growing Inequality roughly coincided with the transition from an industrial to a postindustrial society in the U.S. 5. [ T /F] The Age of Inequality, especially in the 1980’s, saw a decrease in the level upward mobility and an increase in the level of downward mobility—particularly among younger people. 6.
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