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QUIZ 11 Prof. Carroll 11-29-2007 DO NOT MARK ON THIS QUIZ 1. Starbucks avoids use of the word “employees” in favor of the company lexicon _____ (“The Starbucks Paradox” by Kim Fellner (57)). a) “workers" b) “staff members” c) “partners” d) “team members” 2. Prior to the Diversity Workshops, senior while male managers had little interest engaging in cross- gender or cross-race dialogues. Two phrases in their conversations reflected their antipathy toward engaging in such dialogues: _____ and _____ (“Interrupting Historical Patterns: Bridging Race and Gender Gaps between Senior White Men and Other Organizational Groups” by Nancie Zane (58)). a) matter of fact / organization authority b) bottom line / meritocracy c) differential opportunity / invisible privilege d) color-blind / race-specific 3. Toxic waste issues are key examining grass-roots environmental activism because _____. (“Women of Color on the Front Line” by Celene Kraus (59)). a)
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