8-Learning - Learning Chapter 6 (Part 1) Learning l...

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1 Learning Chapter 6 (Part 1) Learning l Learning is… A change in behavior, or the potential for future behavior, as a result of experience l Factors both within and outside of an organism can facilitate or interfere with learning. l Although any type of psychologist might theoretically study learning, in practice most of what we know comes from the research of behaviorists (also called behavior analysts ) Behaviorism l Behaviorists are psychologists who believe that psychology should study only observable, measurable behaviors, not internal mental processes. l Radical behaviorists generally avoid all talk of internal events as causes of behavior. Radical behaviorists believe that n Internal states are caused by events in the environment (or by the interaction of events with genetics). n The ultimate cause of behavior is therefore the observable events, not the internal states. n Most discussions of mental states are sloppy and should be rephrased into a description of behavior.
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2 Behaviorism l Methodological behaviorists sometimes use observations of behavior to make inferences about internal events. n From observing how an animal behaves in the presence of certain stimuli, a methodological behaviorist might infer the presence of an intervening variable . n
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8-Learning - Learning Chapter 6 (Part 1) Learning l...

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