17-Personality - Personality Chapter 14 (Part 1) What is...

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1 Personality Chapter 14 (Part 1) What is Personality? l Personality derives from the Latin word persona , which translates into English as “mask.” l In psychology, personality is defined as the ways in which behavior is consistent across situations and differs across individuals. l The ancient Greeks believed that the predominance of one of four different “humors” or fluids determined personality. The Learning Approach l Some psychologists believe that the whole concept of personality is questionable. l The learning approach relates specific behaviors to specific experiences. Often the experiences from which we learn are those of other people in our environment. l We exhibit one set of behaviors when we interact with our parents, another with our coworkers, and yet another with our friends. n For example, a gender role is a psychological aspect of being male or female (as opposed to your biological sex) that is largely learned.
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2 Freud and the Psychodynamic Approach l Sigmund Freud, an Austrian physician, developed the first psychodynamic theory of personality. l Although Freud’s theory had an enormous impact on society during the 20th century, his influence within psychology is waning. n His theory is very difficult to test empirically. n Although many psychologists find nothing useful in the Freudian paradigm, its tenets are still utilized by some mental health practitioners. Freud’s “Cartharsis” (p. 532) Freud’s Stages of Psychosexual Development l Freud proposed that people have a psychosexual energy he called libido (from the Latin word for “desire”). l
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17-Personality - Personality Chapter 14 (Part 1) What is...

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