18-Personality - Personality Chapter 14 (Part 2)...

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1 Personality Chapter 14 (Part 2) Personality Traits and States l The idea that people have consistent personality characteristics that can be measured and studied is called the trait approach to personality. l A trait is a consistent, long-lasting tendency in behavior, such as sociability, shyness, or assertiveness. l A state is a temporary activation of particular behavior. The Big Five Personality Traits l Factor analysis is a statistical technique used to determine which traits correlate most strongly with each other l Factor analyses of words in the English language that people use to describe each other have found five major groups of related traits. n Openness to Experience n Conscientiousness n Extraversion (or surgency) n Agreeableness n Neuroticism (or emotional stability)
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2 Criticisms of the Big Five Description l It was based on a study of the English language, not on observations of human behavior. l
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18-Personality - Personality Chapter 14 (Part 2)...

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