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Jordan Review - Jeffrey Frankens INTS 201 Book Review of...

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Jeffrey Frankens INTS 201 Book Review of “Live From Jordan” -1 Live From Jordan: A New Viewpoint of the Middle East Would you fearlessly walk through countries of the Middle East and truly try to get to know the people, without ever knowing what exactly you were doing? In “Live From Jordan: Letter Homes Through My Journey In The Middle East” Benjamin Orbach, a grad student from Pennsylvania compiles all the letters he sent to family and friends and tries to show the world, especially the United States of America that the Middle East is not full of radical Muslims who want to destroy all western culture. In fact, Orbach shows that most of the Middle East is in love with western culture, and love it. The thing they are upset about, is our foreign policy. Throughout his journey Orbach talks to every day people with topics ranging from US and Middle Eastern politics to the beautiful vocal range of Mariah Carey’s voice. For me personally, this was one of these books that you cannot just put down, Orbach does a great job of capturing the reader and putting them in real, down to earth, situations in the Middle East. Benjamin Orbach was in Jordan and other parts of the Middle East for 13 months. He was there for the build-up to the Iraq invasion and right after the invasion actually happened. Orbach most unfortunately had to lie quite a bit, the first part was about his religion. At first he wanted to be truthful about his religion: Judaism, but soon noticed that would not be the wisest decision with the Israeli
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Jordan Review - Jeffrey Frankens INTS 201 Book Review of...

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