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Data analysis homework Individual homework (Points: 10% of grade, Due 3/27) The purpose of the assignment is to demonstrate your skills as an analyst. You will be provided with an SPSS dataset containing store level Nielsen data for a food item. Assume that you are responsible for one of the available five brands in this data—you get to pick the brand. Your job is to analyze the data and generate insights from the standpoint of your brand. In class you have been exposed to the basic terminology and variables that typify scanner datasets, as well as analysis tools such as frequencies, cross tabulations, and hypothesis testing; so this is your opportunity to put your knowledge to work. You will be graded based on your written report. In particular, I will focus on (i) correctness of analysis (ii) depth of analysis (iii) insights gleaned and (iv) presentation clarity. The expected length of this report is about 6 (+/- 2) pages, this includes single spaced text, and all graphs/tables. Use your analytical skills to come up with a compelling story. DATA OVERVIEW The data file contains outcome and predictor measures for five brands in a single food product category. The brand names are disguised and labeled {A,B,C,D,X}. Brand X denotes the private label product offering for the category. The data cover weekly observations of the included variables measured at the
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Basic_data_analysis_homework - Data analysis homework...

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