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2/6/07 Domonique Williams English 15 Sec.075 Paper 1 Introduction Rewrite When you are a five year old child and you’re heading to the hospital, what’s on your mind? Usually I think that I am getting a shot from the doctor. Even if when I was visiting someone I know. We were dashing through the snow in this small light tan colored car. It was just me and my dad. We were going to the hospital to see my mom and the latest addition to our family. Finally we arrived to our location after it seem like it would take eons to get there. I wasn’t sure if the snow was in my dad’s sight or he took his time like a snail. My mom was “sick”. I meant throwing up early every morning and
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Unformatted text preview: later in the day. I noticed that her belly was sticking out some as if she taped a ball to herself. Plus she was eating everything in her way in huge amounts! My mom became moody a bit too often which even scared my dad badly. My old strategy was rushing into what happened to my mom before she went to the hospital and gave birth to my first brother. My new strategy is taking my time to explain what my mom looked like when she was pregnant and gave some detail of how my dad was driving. And I changed my first sentence into a question....
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