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Domonique Williams English 15 Woolfitt What is the True Meaning of Beauty? Make-up. The sole item that no woman should be caught without. What pops into my mind? Eye liner, eye shadow, lipstick, blush, mascara, and lip liner. But the ironic side of this ordeal is that lip gloss and nail polish goes into this category as well. Hair care also counts as beauty, even though not many people would consider this to be. Majority of people, including men, wear make-up. There are some who wears a little bit to those who wears a whole lot. But where are those individuals, those women, who don’t need to put any make-up on? What about those who rarely puts these materials on? I observed the commercials that create their products to make the woman look “natural”. They bother me so much because not every female, young or old, out here can look like the models, actress, and singers placed on these commercials. I have seen girls as young as five starting to wear this. To make them feel accepted in this society, to prep them to look like ladies. I ponder to myself how are you able to teach a child to feel comfortable about her appearance, if you tell her it is ok to put junk her immature face. Our society influences women to “become” beautiful through make-up, while interpreting one’s own face as ugly. We all must face the truth here that not every person you see is beautiful. In
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ENGL_15_Paper_3 - Williams 1 Domonique Williams English 15...

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