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ENGL_15_Paper_pt.1 - they are still amazing to me In my...

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Domonique Williams 1/24/07 Woolfitt English 015 Sec.075 The first object that comes to mind is my siblings, my two brothers and our younger sister. I would write about how they changed my life before they were born and afterwards. This putting me in the position as the oldest child and the first to be a good example for them. Which makes most of my friends think that I am more the ‘mother figure’ then the older sister? Then I would describe the age difference between me and them since it’s kind of a big deal on how we act towards each other. In my first paragraph, I will start with when I was five years old around the time my first little brother was born. The second object will be about my favorite animals. I seem to like whales and dolphins a bit more. I never had a favorite animal in my life. So I believe these animals will be the first ones. I would start with how I became interested in them even to this day. I don’t collect anything about them. Or stuff animal versions of them. But
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Unformatted text preview: they are still amazing to me. In my essay, I would give descriptions about the very few books that I read. I read them book a long time ago that I don’t really remember their names that well anymore. I would also talk about Free Willy and Flipper because I never liked them at all as a kid. For my conclusion I would try to find some information about if other people like whales and dolphins. For my final object, I am debating if I should go with reading or science. I liked to read a lot as a kid and I still do now. Though I really have to try and fit that into my busy schedule. How I went to my neighborhood library everyday after school where most of my friends will be hanging out at. I will also include some of my favorite books as well. During my time in school, people assumed that since I like to read a lot that my favorite subject was English. And how surprised or shocked they were when I said ‘No. My favorite subject is science because…’...
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