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SOC 197A RR#1 - Domonique Williams SOC 197A Reading...

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Domonique Williams SOC 197A Reading Response #1 Between reading Fong and Min, I found Min somewhat harder to read than Fong. Min is more focused on dates, immigration laws, statistics, charts, and so forth. Reading a chapter in one setting could drive a person nuts! At first, Min was throwing out so much information out which was confusing me some. In my head, I was wondering which ones were the most important ones to know. Min didn’t give out any indicators help me out. But after the readings, I want to thank him for doing that. It seems like he thoroughly researched each meeting mini section in every chapter he wrote. Making his readers search for the important information themselves instead of putting them in bold highlighting for easy finding. The immigration laws, for example, were set up in chronological order so that the person reading. After watching one of the videos about Chinese Americans, some of the immigration laws from that were mentioned. As for Fong, He was easier to read. His book contained similar details as Min’s.
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SOC 197A RR#1 - Domonique Williams SOC 197A Reading...

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