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Ich versteh euch nicht ~ I don't understand you (Rammstein, Ich Will), Hitori no yoru tokidoki fuan ni makeru sore demo kanarazu Yozora no hoshi wa kagayaite. ..terashite kureru dakara watashi wa!~ All I ever do is listen to you saying that I'm just a problem - But now I know what I should do (BoA, ID; Peace B), Anata wa dare? Anata wa dare? Chanto kotaete anata wa doko? Who the hell is she? Who the hell are you?Answer me properly now. .where on earth are you? (Mika Nakashima, Isolation). What do these three songs have in common? They explain some basis of communication among people. It sounds funny, I know. It is a problem when they can’t understand what the other person is telling us, and we misunderstood what’s being told. It could be the word choices they used, or the amount of knowledge we have about a subject. When we don’t understand, instead of asking what is being told to us, we twist
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Unformatted text preview: the context of the words given to us for our own understanding. It seems like that is a shameful and stupid thing to do. Because I speak English doesn’t mean that you will fully understand what I am saying to you. So you have to interpret what is being told by asking, or researching a topic that is unfamiliar to you. That’s a main point and a problem in international music. There are variety of rhythms and beats that are somewhat similar to what we listen to hear in the United States which we can relate to, but there’s that language barrier we have to overcome in order to sing the exact words even if we’re fluent in a language or two. It’s like some of us are afraid of the “unknown” that we have to stay within our comfort zone. Williams 4...
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