LCA 306 Verbs (UM-)

LCA 306 Verbs (UM-) - ASPECTS: UMRoot Meaning Word upo sit...

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ASPECTS: UM- Root Word Meaning Infinitive Command Completed Incompleted Contemplated upo sit um upo um upo um upo umu upo u upo tayo stand tum ayo tum ayo tum ayo tumata yo ta tayo lakad walk lum akad lum akad lum akad lumala kad la lakad takbo run tum akbo tum akbo tumakbo tumata kbo ta takbo talon jump tum alon tum alon tum alon tumata lon ta talon kanta sing kum anta kum anta kum anta kumaka nta ka kanta sayaw dance sum ayaw sum ayaw sum ayaw sumasa yaw sa sayaw basa read bum asa bum asa bum asa bumaba sa ba basa sulat write sum ulat sum ulat sum ulat sumusu lat su sulat alis leave um alis um alis um alis umaa lis a alis kain eat kum ain kum ain kum ain kumaka in ka kain iyak cry um iyak um iyak um iyak umii yak i iyak tawa laugh tum awa tum awa tum awa tumata wa ta tawa ikot turn around um ikot um ikot um ikot umii kot i ikot luhod kneel lum uhod lum uhod lum uhod lumulu hod lu luhod sigaw shout sum igaw sum igaw sum igaw sumisi gaw si sigaw inom drink um inom um inom um inom umii nom i inom bilang count bum ilang bum ilang bum ilang bumibi lang bi bilang labas go out lum abas lum abas lum abas lumala bas la labas gawa make, do gum awa gum awa gum awa gumaga wa ga gawa balik return bum alik bum alik bum alik bumaba lik ba balik gising wake up gum ising gum ising gum ising gumigi sing gi gising inat stretch um inat um inat um inat umi
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This note was uploaded on 03/29/2008 for the course LCA 306 taught by Professor Tagayuna during the Spring '07 term at Wisconsin.

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LCA 306 Verbs (UM-) - ASPECTS: UMRoot Meaning Word upo sit...

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