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Protein: Study Questions Synopsis : This lecture looks at protein from a variety ō perspectives: - Molecular (amino acids, peptides & complex structures) - Physiological (how body digests & absorbs protein) - Practical (implications for our diet, how much protein do we need, vegetarian protein needs, protein quality & sources) - Sociopolitical (protein energy malnutrition, causes ō kwashiorkor, marasmus, & their effect on human health) Textbook readings: Chapter 6 What do you already know about protein? List three things. protein : very long chain ō amino acids 1 st substance needed : protein w/ historical ascendancy Nitrogen cycle the paths nitrogen takes. Nitrogen cycles bet. atmosphere, biosphere, & soil. Nitrogen is incorporated in body proteins ō plants & animals, & returned to soil via death & decomposition & in feces & urine. Soil bacteria decompose these & changes nitrogen’s chemical form. Some nitrogen is released from soil into atmosphere, & some is returned by lightning & precipitation. Nitrogen-fixing bacteria in nodules on roots ō legumes pull nitrogen from air & put it into chemical form useful to plants. Legumes utilize these, & all plants pull nitrogen from soil, incorporating it into proteins. These proteins remain in plant or are ingested by animals. Nitrogen in biosphere is mostly incorporated in protein. Nitrogen is a key elt. in plant growth. Plants need nitrogen to synthesize protein, & plant growth is limited when nitrogen is in short supply. Nitrogen is found in all organisms, since all contain protein, & this nitrogen cycles bet. soil, atmosphere, I. Structure a. Protein composed ō amino acids b. Amino acids (AAs) [side chain diagram] c. Peptides d. Proteins [bonding process ] e. ] Structure What is protein made ō? How many amino acids are found in nature? Protein is composed ō amino acids , w/c are subunits/building blocks. There are 20 AAs found in body/nature. Proteins are made from 20 AAs arranged in chains ō hundreds & thousand ō units. The sequence ō these AAs determines the chemical & physical prop. ō the protein. This sequence is genetically specified. Amino acids (AAs) amino acid : basic unit from w/c protein is made, consisting ō amine group, carboxyl group, & various side chains
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What chemical elts. are found in all amino acids? The chemical elts. found in all AAs are carbon , hydrogen , oxygen , & nitrogen (sometimes, sulfur) . Which one is unique to amino acids amongst the macronutrients?
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NS 132 SQ 6 - Protein: Study Questions Synopsis: This...

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