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Alcohol: Study Questions Synopsis : This lecture is presented by a Professor Susan Smith, from the UW-Madison Department ō Nutritional Sciences. The content she presents is in the form ō a PowerPoint presentation & an audio file. There are links for each below. In the interest ō time, they are posted separately. In other words, the PowerPoint is not synchronized w/ Prof. Smith's voice. The transitions to each slide should be clear, however. Textbook readings: Chapter 7 What is the active ingredient ō alcoholic drinks? ethanol : chemical term for form ō alcohol found in alcoholic beverages; 2-carbon unit & hydroxyl (OH) group - Body treats ethanol like fat, not-CHO. - Liquid fat w/ 7 kcal/g What are the metabolic products ō alcohol? 1) Acetaldehyde : causes tissue damage 2) Acetate : sub-unit ō fat kcal What are congeners? What are some examples ō congeners? (not regulated by FDA) Congeners : other substances in beverage 1) Beer : hops, malt, yeast, asbestos, cobalt (causes heart attacks) , water 2) Wine : resveratrol (antioxidant w/ good effects on body) 3) Hard liquor : contaminants, asbestos (carcinogenic) How efficient is the absorption ō alcohol? Where does it happen? Absorption ō alcohol is highly efficient (5-10 mins. for physical effects ō drink). Alcohol absorption happens in stomach & small intestine ( mucosa ). Metabolism this initial metabolism happen? Which gender metabolizes more? How much more alcohol do females absorb? Gender difference : - Males : metabolize ~25% ō drink in gut lining, so 25% never reaches bloodstream; enzyme metabolizes alcohol ( alcoholic effects) - Females : gut ling only metabolizes ~5% ō drink; ¼ enzyme - Per drink, females absorb 20% more than do men (higher blood alcohol level per drink) . - alcohol dehydrogenase : enzyme used in alcohol (ethanol) metabolism This initial metabolism happens in stomach & small intestine ( mucosa ). What is the effect ō food on alcohol absorption? Are there any gimmicks that prevent alcohol absorption? Food (w/ mass) slows down alcohol absorption & lowers blood alcohol level. “Oil shots” & other gimmicks that prevent alcohol absorption will not work.
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What is the first metabolic product ō alcohol? What is this product broken down into? 1 st enzyme : ADH - ethanol → acetaldehyde 2 nd enzyme : AIDH - acetaldehyde → acetic acid (vinegar) Genes Affect Ethanol Disposal Rate : African Americans : ↑ fast version ō enzyme getting rid ō alcohol quickly; ↓ risk for fetal alcohol syndrome for alcoholic mothers Native Americans : ↓ slow version ō enzyme; ↑ prolonged ethanol effects; ↑ risk ō alcoholism, addiction Asians : ↓ slow version ō AIDH; ↓ alcoholism rate due to aversion to high levels ō acetaldehyde
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NS 132 SQ 10 - Alcohol Study Questions Synopsis This...

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