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Vitamins: Study Questions Synopsis : This lecture covers a lot ō material. First, we take a general approach by examining human nutritional requirements through the prism ō 3 possible “states” i.e. Vitamin Deficiency , Vitamin Adequacy , & Vitamin Toxicity . RDAs, or Recommended Daily Allowances are an important benchmark for determining where one might be on the spectrum. Second, we define the term vitamin through describing its characteristics. Third, we define & discuss the concept ō vitamin solubility . Finally (get your pens ready!) we discuss specific vitamins in detail, starting w/ the Fat- Soluble Vitamins (A,D,E,K) . We then proceed to the Water-Soluble Vitamins (C, the Bs in general & in particular.) For this section, organize your notes by writing the name ō each vitamin & leaving ample room for notes under each ō these categories: Function, Deficiency, Sources, Toxicity. Some vitamins will have additional notes / categories, as listed in the outline below. Textbook readings: Chapter 8 I. Nutrition requirements [2 views ō optimal nutrient intake ] a. Deficiency - Vitamin C : scurvy, poor wound healing, bleeding gums - Vitamin B12 : anemia w/ associated nerve degeneration, folate regeneration, deficiency typically due to lack ō intrinsic factor - Folic Acid : megaloblastic anemia, neural tube defects, halted DNA synthesis & cell division - Iron : anemia - Thiamin : beriberi, coenzyme involved in aerobic metabolism ō glucose - Niacin : pellagra, 4Ds: dementia (loss/decrease in mental function) , diarrhea, dermatitis, death; coenzyme involved in aerobic metabolism ō glucose - Iodide/Iodine : goiter, enlarged thyroid b. Adequacy c. Toxicity 1. rarely occurs w/ foods 2. can happen w/ supplements d. Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA) 1. National Academy ō Sciences 2. Nutrient requirements normally distributed 3. RDA set to meet the needs ō 98% ō population 4. Thus, RDA usu. more than adequate Nutrient Requirements 3 nutritional states : 1) Deficiency: not enough ō nutrient 2) Adequacy: enough ō nutrient 3) Toxicity: too much ō nutrient, interferes w/ body processes; rarely encountered w/ food (toxicity ō vit. A bad for pregnancy)
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- ea. vit. i.e. RDA: 97-98%). - more better Is toxicity more likely to occur using foods or supplements? Toxicity is more likely to occur using supplements than foods. - fortification : nutrients added to food during processing; regulated Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) The needs ō what percent ō the population are covered by the RDA? Is everyone covered by the RDA? RDA covers
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NS 132 SQ 15 - Vitamins: Study Questions Synopsis: This...

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