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Kine 198-Final Study Sheet

Kine 198-Final Study Sheet - Health and Fitness Lecture...

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Health and Fitness Lecture Exam 2 Study Guide Exam Format: 40 Multiple Choice Questions – Test Value 20 points. Question format is similar to midterm exam. Be sure you bring an 882-ES (green) scantron and a No. 2 pencil to the exam. Chapter 5 Drugs: Be able to classify substances as a stimulant, depressant, hallucinogen, etc. Know a brief description of each substance. Know how alcohol affects the body. How is alcohol eliminated? What factors affect blood alcohol concentration? What major organ is affected by excessive alcohol? Know the different drinking/driving infractions. What is alcohol poisoning and what should you do to help? Know the 3 toxic components of tobacco, their descriptions, and adverse effects. Know how inhalants affect the body. Chapter 7 Sexuality What to know about STI’s – signs & symptoms, means of transmission, viral vs. bacterial, cure or no cure, which ones are fatal, stages of progression (syphilis), symptomatic or asymptomatic?
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