Martín Fierro - Martn Fierro is an 2,316 line epic poem...

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Martín Fierro is an 2,316 line epic poem by the Argentine writer José Hernxández . The poem was originally published in two parts, El Gaucho Martín Fierro (1872 ) and La Vuelta de Martín Fierro (1879 ). The poem is, in part, a protest against the Europeanizing and modernizing tendencies of Argentine president Domingo Faustino Sarmiento . As well, the poem supplied a historical link to the gauchos' contribution to the national development of Argentina, for the gaucho had played a major role in Argentina's independence from Spain. [1] The poem, written in a Spanish that evokes rural Argentina, is widely seen as the pinnacle of the genre of "gauchesque" poetry (poems centered around the life of the gaucho , written in a style that evokes the rural Argentine ballads known as payadas ) and a touchstone of Argentine national identity. It has appeared in literally hundreds of editions and has been translated into over 70 languages. It has earned major commentaries from, among others, Leopoldo Lugones , Miguel de Unamuno , Jorge Luis Borges ( see Borges on Martín Fierro ) and Rafael Squirru . In El Gaucho Martín Fierro , the eponymous protagonist is an impoverished gaucho who has been drafted to serve at a border fort, defending the Argentine frontier against the Indians. His life of poverty on the pampas is somewhat romanticized; his military experiences are not. He deserts and tries to return to his home, but discovers that his house, farm, and family are gone. He deliberately provokes an affair of honor by injuring a black woman in a bar; in the knife duel that ensues, he kills her male companion. The narration of another knife fight suggests by its lack of detail that it is one of many. Fierro
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Martín Fierro - Martn Fierro is an 2,316 line epic poem...

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