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275 Exam 1 - 275 Exam 1(continued Hemegony helps bring...

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275 Exam 1 (continued...) Hemegony- helps bring together a lot of different ideas about how the culture of media (news entertainment, fiction) helps to maintain the class-divided and class-dominated society. - refers to a loosely interrelated set of ruling ideas permeating society - makes the established powers seem natural/ commonsensical - ruling ideas of a culture - opposition is dissident - ex.) the original Mona Lisa is worth more. This idea is agreed upon. Commodification- All objects have exchange value as opposed to use value. - Ex.) The original Mona Lisa is worth more than a perfect copy. - A piece of art made for commercial consumption lacks intrinsic critical potential Media Logic- “A way of seeing and interpreting social affairs” - Media impacting culture and human behavior - Rule-changes in professional sports Ex.) created time-outs for commercials - Customizing political decisions for media Ex.) staged events, press conferences - Made-for-media music artists Ex.) Ashlee Simpson Cultivation- - TV has replaced religion as the common cultural storyteller.
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  • Spring '08
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  • Mona Lisa, original Mona Lisa, Media impacting culture, music artists Ex, critical potential Media, media culture replace

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