anthro 5 - the fishing not being what it used to be because...

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Adam Kuhl Response Paper Walleye War My Own Backyard In the weekly readings I have grown accustomed to reading about strange customs of faraway groups of people. This week, however, I was surprised to be reading about a place that is mere miles away. I’ve driven through the area that was described in the beginning of the book so it was eerie and interesting to hear it described through the mouth of an author to a reader that he assumed had never been to. It made me wonder if someone were to read the book in California or Florida if they would see the baron landscape described and think of it as I did with the barren arctic that was described in The Reindeer People. The topic of the Walleye war is one that hits close to home for me, as I am a game fisher myself. I have heard of this going on before reading the book, but only from disgruntled fishermen whom I had ventured onto the lakes with who complained about
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Unformatted text preview: the fishing not being what it used to be because of the over fishing that was being done by the Indians. Having read this book, however, I don’t know that it would make sense that the fishing was at one time much better, because its not as if the Indians had just began to do the fishing. The Indians had been fishing the lakes for a hundred years before now, and they are still using spears, so its not as if some sort of new technology has given them an unfair advantage. I see where both sides are coming from in the argument that is the Walleye war, but I would have to side with the Indians because of how much of a staple the fish is to their diet. Protesters will always find something that they want changed, but in this case they should just leave the Indians alone....
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anthro 5 - the fishing not being what it used to be because...

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