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Adam Kuhl Anthro 104 Reindeer Peoples The interpretation of gods versus spirits was something that I found particularly interesting. Usually cultures will have a god that created what they know and is still controlling what is happening, however this isn’t true in the case of the reindeer tribesmen. They believe that a god created everything and made things the way that they are, but no longer plays a role in everyday life. This leads me to wonder, because there was little mention of it in the reading, whether or not the tribesmen show as much respect to this god as they do the spirits. The spirits are thought to control everything from luck, to weather, to sickness or health. The predominant spirits that the tribes seemed to worry about were those of the spirits. This confounded me in that if the hunter took care of the animal after death in a certain way, it was considered good karma and the animal would
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Unformatted text preview: present itself to the hunter again in its next life, but at the same time it was important that the animal didn’t know the identity of the hunter. The author brings up the point of this paradox as well, but doesn’t ask anyone about it. The use of reindeer as foreshadowing or protection was also very interesting. What I really liked about this portion, however, was the way that the author used the interpretations of the people’s foreshadowing to take a look into the psyche of the people. It is true that people are going to see what they want to see, and these deep seeded yearnings are snap shots into the depths of these people’s thoughts and feelings. Trying to study not only a culture, but their psyche, however, would most likely prove impossible without extensive knowledge of the people’s culture and way of life....
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