A Learning Process - Kuhl 1 A Learning Process Groucho Marx...

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A Learning Process Groucho Marx once said “Minds are like parachutes. They only work when they are open.” Most children learn to read and write at a very young age. For a long time I believed that I was no exception to this, for my mother saw to it that I learned to read early in life. My English teacher opened my mind to the truth my senior year and played the star role in the biography of my relationship with English. My favorite book as a child was always Where the Wild Ones Live . I could read the words that streamed across the page and interpret their literal meaning without any troubles. I utilized the strategies that I learned very early in life to get by in my English classes until my final year of high school. I was cruising along thinking that I had it all figured out and would be able to just float through my classes for the remainder of my schooling career. My senior year, however, I hit a wall that would eventually become a speed bump. My new English teacher taught me to analyze every line, every word, and every period. The moral of the story was never what he was interested in, for he was too busy digging for the deeper meaning. He would ask why the author would choose certain diction in describing something, or how the author would utilize rupture to highlight another meaning. The goal of these techniques was to help illuminate the path to a deeper understanding of the piece for the reader. He taught me that the author did nothing by chance and everything that was forced onto the page had a role to play. My teacher set the tone for this new style of interpretation before the bell rang on the first morning of class. The summer assignment was to read The Sweet Hereafter . I read this piece like I did the hundreds that came before it. I looked for a moral and Kuhl, 1
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general plot without paying much attention to the detail or underlying meaning. The first day I was immediately caught off guard by the questions asked. They involved a packet by Rabinowitz, who seemed to me like an old guy who had a lot to say about the use of
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A Learning Process - Kuhl 1 A Learning Process Groucho Marx...

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