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AFRI 101 7.17.07

AFRI 101 7.17.07 - -those who participated in the freedom...

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AFRI 101 July 17, 2007 Outline the themes in Grain of Wheat Know characters and their names ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`` Movie -once you promised to do something, yuou must do it. If you were ordered to do something, you obeyed. You say, you act. Action meant something, not the words. -within 6 months of emergency….army about 10,000 -32 were killed out of thousands -to the british the emergency was a war against criminals -there was a hanging everyday for 4 straight years -incendent at holy camp-detainees (hardest of the hardcore) separated into 3 groups.///3 rd group sent to dig the ground. They refused to dig and they were whipped until they were dead….if they didn’t die…they left with permanent injuries. The birtish said that they drank poison water. Investigated and ithe truth came out and that the british have been lieing the whole time. -60,000 british settlers worried about their property and Kenyatta said they have nothing to worry about -those who fought for freedom never had the chance to participate in the Gov.
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Unformatted text preview: -those who participated in the freedom struggle are the ones who run the gov.-The Mau Mau was a name given to any group that aopposed the Europeans-his son is the head of the Kenya something party -Mau Mau was blamed for EVERY crime in Kenya by the settlers-emergency was state of emergency issued by govt. under mounting pressure from settlers-govt. leaders really had no idea what Mau Mau really was (didn’t exist)-the emergency was between Homeguards and Nationalists-QUESTION IN FINAL-the kind of leadership that evolves…violence in Kenyan politics dates back to the colonial period. One of the questions was the people who went out and fought came back and they weren’t receiving awards.-Kenyattas son is now running the show in 2007-Read the last 3 pages of Grain of Wheat-he was put in prison cause he was supported and they thought he was the leader of Mau Mau. Kenyatta lived in Russia went to school in England. Came back in the 50’s to take over Kenyan African union. -...
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AFRI 101 7.17.07 - -those who participated in the freedom...

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